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OpenText Exceed TurboX 产品介绍

Remote Desktop and Application Solution
OpenText Exceed TurboX(ETX)是一套先进的远端存取与虚拟桌面解决方案,涵盖了UNIX与Windows应用程式与资料,使用者可以透过Web浏览器来存取远端的UNIX与Windows虚拟桌面环境,进行IC Design,3D CAD Design与一般的Office作业,ETX提供了一个中央管理平台让IT部门将分散在不同伺服器的应用程式进行集中管理,然后布署给所有的使用者使用,进而达到了节省成本与减少服务中断的目的


  • Exceptional responsiveness for high-performance graphical applications
  • Increase datacenter density and scalability with NVIDIA GRID vGPU support
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth usage by 90% with ThinX transport protocol
  • Manage server infrastructure, applications, and users from a central web interface
  • Extremely stable sessions with an external session proxy enable you to run simulations without losing work
  • Improve global collaboration with the ability to pass control between users in shared remote sessions
  • Simplify your IT infrastructure by managing your UNIX, Linux and Windows applications from a single platform
  • High Performance Remote Graphics
  • Suspend and Resume
  • Software Crash Protection
  • Ultra Low Bandwidth Usage
  • Supercharged Sharing
  • Centralized Administration and User Management